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Because girls with dreams become women with vision.

#Girlwarrior Event

We are currently working on our #GirlWarrior event for Fall of 2017. This event will be filled with inspiring talks and fun workshops for girls ages 12 - 18.

Stay tuned!


heroines Journey: A girls-only retreat

Being a girl is not easy. Social media and other pressures from peers and parents have made it even more complicated. So stressful, right? But what if we said we could help ease this with super fun activities (like white water rafting, tackling a ropes course) with mindfulness and leadership work? This retreat will help young women find their inner girl, conquer their fears, build their self-esteem, and more importantly, recognize that they are part of a much larger world. 

Our first retreat is going to take place in April 2018. Space is limited to 10 girls. If you are interested in registering, please email us